Ohio Department of Education data shows that Ohio’s community schools, more commonly known as charter schools, are budgeted to receive $954 million in state funding. Public schools receive approximately $6.5 billion in state funding for the 2016-2017 school year.

More important, we entrust the futures of 1.8 million students to our public schools and more than 144,000 students to the owners and operators of 400 charter schools. Whether these students attend a traditional public school, an innovative magnet school, a privately owned charter school or an online charter school, these students deserve the best educational opportunities we can provide.

Based on a commitment to fairness, justice and equal opportunity, Accountability for All involves four essential principles:

  1. All schools, administrators, teachers and support staff must be highly qualified for their roles and meet high standards of performance.
  2. All schools and administrators must maintain high standards of fiscal accountability. Waste, fraud or abuse in management of public funds is unacceptable. All financial records of publicly funded schools must be public, transparent and subject to full audit and accountability.
  3. The legislators, policy makers, members of the state and local boards of education and their staff must maintain transparency and accountability in their policy, academic and fiscal operations and communications.
  4. The public, including the parents of students, has the right to hold these policy makers and staff accountable for fair and adequate school funding and polices that ensure opportunities for all students to realize their potential.